Attendance reports for Vulnerable children – Pupil Premium, SEN, FSM or EAL.

The following Attendance/Lesson monitor reports can be run/created in order to show vulnerable groups of children and their attendance figures. This can include Pupil Premium, Special Educational Needs, Free School Meals, Ever6, English Additional Language and others.

In order to get a ‘Whole group figure’ for these groups, go to:

Reports > Attendance/Lesson Monitor > Group Reports > Group Analysis By Vulnerability

Select the dates you require (It should automatically set to the current academic year to date)

Select the group type (Usually set to whole school)

Select the field that you wish to filter on (Pupil premium, SEN, EAL etc.)

Click the  button

Double click the group you want to run the report on (i.e. ) and the report should output to a web browser after clicking OK.

You can print the report directly from the browser or you can right click anywhere on the screen and choose ‘Export to Microsoft Excel‘ and save/print the file from here.


If you wish to get individual percentages of students with vulnerabilities, download the following Report Definition file and import into SIMS.

Attendance by Vulnerability

Save the file to a location of your choice, ‘Extract all/Unzip the rptdef file’ and import into SIMS via Reports > Import. It will show under the student focus.

You can amend the report as you wish by going to Reports > Design Report > Open an existing report and add any fields/filters you wish.


Reviewed 27/7/20



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