Enable a School for A2C Exams on Terminal Server

To be completed by the Server and Network Team

Create the folder F:\A2CExams on the schools dataset

Change the permissions of the new A2CExams folder to the following

  • Remove Inherited permissions
  • Administrators – Full Control
  • System – Full Control
  • <Exams User> – Modify, Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read, Write

<Exams User> = Terminal Server Username e.g. Joe.Bloggs 21

Add the school to the ExamsA2CGroup

Assign the A2C Exams shortcut using the Terminal Server Shortcut Manager


Note: The A2C application stores its application data in  the F:\A2CExams folder, only one Terminal Server user can use the application at a time.  A launcher creates a lock file in the F:\A2CExams folder to help identify which user has logged into the application from which server.  The lock file is ignored and deleted after 12 hours.  The user has the option of bypassing the log when launching A2C.

Schools Registration with AVCO

After discussion with the migration team at AVCO we have agreed that Scomis will send a list of Terminal Server schools along with their Centre number prior to the main deployment.  This will then allow AVCO to make the registration on behalf of those schools.  AVCO have all this information on the schools anyway but because they are not self installing the registration process does not follow on.  Information will need to go to A2Cmigration@AVCOsystem.com marked for the attention of Richard and Chanel.

Collect Access Keys

When doing a migration look for the A2C folder and look for any “.a2cc” Files. These will need to be imported into A2C once the school has been migrated.

If there are no a2cc files they school will need to request new access keys.

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