Country of Birth and Nationality

These data items will no longer be required by DfE as part of the school census from September 2018 and there is no DfE requirement for the data to be stored, or retained, within school management information systems.  Each school therefore has the responsibility as data controllers to decide whether they should continue to collect, process or retain this data for their own purposes locally.  If the school continues to collect or retain this data it is important that as data controllers they identify a lawful basis for this processing in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Guidance on lawful processing from the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) can be found on the link below:

Advice for Schools who no longer wish to collect and/or retain the data

The Data Collection Sheet includes these fields, so if you wish to stop collecting it please visit this faq to download and use an amended version which does not include Country of Birth and Nationality.

Note:  Date of Birth and Nationality are currently included in CTF export and import.  Capita have advised an option to exclude it from export and import will be included in a future release.  In the meantime if you import a CTF for a pupil please be aware that these fields may have been imported and you will need to remove them if you no longer wish to collect them.

To remove country of birth and nationality for on roll pupils go to Routines / Student / Bulk Update.

Choose the following

  • Student Population – Year Groups
  • Year Group – Any
  • Effective Date – today’s date
  • Data Item – Country of Birth
  • Search
  • All on roll students should appear with columns of country of birth options in a grid
  • Right mouse click on the heading of any column that includes ticks and chose uncheck.
  • Click on Save

Repeat this for the Nationality field.

In order to delete the data from leavers records you will need to do the following:

  • Remove the date of leaving, destination and reason for leaving from the leavers record (make a note of these first).
  • Save the record.
  • This will make them an on roll pupil.
  • Use the Bulk Update Routine to remove previously collected data as above.
  • Re-input the leaving details.
  • Save the record.





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