Hosted Connector Dont Use Pre-Authentication

From version v6.10 of the Scomis Hosted connector, it is possible for an administrator to set a registry key that will force the Scomis Hosted Applications connector not to use Pre-Authentication web service.  This is done by setting a registry key in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry key.

The Pre-authentication service is used to validate a username and password before the Scomis Hosted Applications connector launches the Microsoft Remote Desktop connection.  This gives a friendlier way to inform users that they might have typed their password incorrectly.

This option should be used where the Scomis Hosted Applications connector has difficulties navigating school proxies and filters.

This will be evident if an Authentication Error (similar to the one in the screen shot below) is received.

If this is apparent, then close the error and the Hosted Connector, then re run the Hosted Connector, go to Options > Don’t Use Pre-Authentication and try to login again. If the login is successful, this option will remain “ticked”. If this issue is affecting several users in school, the method below can be used to deploy the “Don’t Use Pre-Authentication” setting.

How to set the Dont Use Pre-Authentication Setting

Administrators will need to use a logon script or group policy preferences to update the following registry key.

HKCU\Software\ScoMIS\SIMS Terminal Server\Settings\DontUsePreAuth(REG_SZ)

Possible Values

  • 1
  • 0

To prevent the Scomis Hosted Applications Connector using the Dont Use Pre-Authentication, the registry key will need to be removed or replaced with a blank value.


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