What are the benefits of auto-provisioning through Sims ID?

What are the benefits of auto-provisioning through Sims ID?

Schools start using SIMS ID for a variety of reasons. Some use SIMS ID to manage their Active Directories and Office 365 provisioning. Others start with SIMS ID only providing access for parents using Parent App. or students using SIMS Options.

Schools that start using SIMS ID for one purpose often want to use more of SIMS ID especially those elements where there is no additional charge such as Office 365 provisioning or automated data transfer to Microsoft SDS.

Sims ID integrates so that Data will flow automatically from SIMS to SIMS ID and onwards to Office 365, Microsoft SDS and further services as approved by the school.

Sims ID;

Saves time:

  • Automatic sync of MIS data
  • Automatic Class membership updates
  • Classroom experiences are ready and waiting
  • Simplify everyday logistics to focus on educating

Saves money:

  • Reduces teacher and IT burdens
  • Integrates with your existing investments
  • Included free with 0365 Edu

Enterprise Performance:

  • Built on proven Azure and Office 365 Cloud Platform
  • Designed by education professionals for education customers
  • You retain control over security and privacy


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