Parent Lite Notification Mailmerge Report

Capita have published a letter to send to parents to notify them you will be using ParentLite. You can download the report definition below and follow the instructions to run it as a mailmerge for your school.

SIMS Parent Lite notification (report definition)

Download and save this file somewhere you can get to through SIMS. Make sure you right click and unzip the file.


Go to Reports > Import and browse to F – Public – Updates where I have saved the file (SIMS Parent Lite Notification) and click Import.

Got to Reports > Design Report > Open Existing Report and find the report under the student focus.

Click next through the report until you get to the Define Presentations page and click on Edit for the template.

If you want to put in your school’s header, double click where it says ‘Edit Header’ and enter in the header. If you don’t want to include a header then just delete the ‘Edit Header’.

Once you have done this, click save and close the word template and then save the report definition and you can then run it to send to parents.


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