JC Gradesets Updated in the Spring 2018 upgrade

The Assessment Manager 7 Exam JC Gradesets have been updated in the Spring 2018 upgrade.


Every time basedata is imported into Examinations Organiser (EO6), links are made with Assessment Manager (AM7). Specifically result aspects in AM7 are a container for the outcome of an exam assessment. These aspects are linked to Gradesets, which did not have the correct grade values for 2016 or 2017 and caused difficulties with Marksheet creation in AM7 especially where formulas were used.

What has changed and does it impact my school?

In the Spring 2018 release of SIMS  the JC Gradesets in AM7 will be updated to reflect, where possible, the latest 2017 Performance Points from the DfE. We know that these points won’t always be the same for other regions, but the application can’t differentiate the values in this way. Likewise, where a Gradeset can have two sets of values, for example those linked to both GCSE and AS Levels, the points are different if used at KS4 to that at 16-18,  the values are for the older Key Stage, i.e. 16-18 points .

Not all gradesets are changing. The changes are detailed in the following spreadsheet

If you have developed and used your own version and aspects for exam results because then the updates won’t have any impact on existing Marsheets or formulas.  However, if you have used the Assessment JC Gradesets and Exams Results Aspects, then the points associated with the grade will be updated and this may impact any formulas used in a marksheet.

It is advisable to review any Marksheet Templates you have that contain Exams Aspects linked to the Gradesets identified in the spreadsheet and assess if any formula are used and what may change after the Spring 2018 upgrade.

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