Discover Missing in Scomis Hosted (2016)

If you are logged into Scomis Hosted 2016 and Discover is missing please try the following fix:

  • Open File Manager from the shortcuts.
  • Type in the following replacing * with your username:  C:\Users\***********\Windows\SIMS.INI
    Example C:\Users\Jill.Foster45\Windows\SIMS.INI
  • The SIMS.ini file will open in notepad.
  • Update the link which says:
    SIMSDiscoverDirectory=G:\Discover Client\
    SIMSDiscoverDirectory=C:\Program Files (x86)\SIMS\Discover Client\
  • Save and close the file.
  • Log out of Scomis hosted and log back in again and the icon will show.

This is due to an incorrect settings which telling SIMS that Discover can be found in the wrong location. Once correcting this Discover will show in SIMS again.

Also check the config file found in:

In this file there will be an entry for:
<add key=”discoverInstance” value=”SIMSDB08\SIMS2008″/>

This needs to be changed to reflect where the schools Discover database is now.

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