How to link Awards to Courses

Course Award links can be seen in Exam Organiser in Tools | School Setups | Exam Awards but can no longer be changed here.
To link exam awards to courses, use SIMS .net – Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Maintain Course.  Once the information is saved, the elements will also appear.
To link the Awards to Courses:
1. Use SIMS .net.  Select route Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Maintain Course
2. Select the relevant Course
3. Scroll to Panel 3 – Examination
4. Click New
5. Select the required Exam Award from the list.
6. Save.This process only needs to be done once for each Award. The system will recognise this link of Awards to the Courses for subsequent Seasons.

If a new Award is added at any point, the Award will need to be linked to a Course.
The easiest way to find the correct award is to go to Exams Organiser, Focus | Basedata, expand the tree to find the awards and right click on the award required.  Choose Properties and make a note of the Award Code.  Then return to SIMS .net and in Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Maintain Course click New, Search and sort on the Code column to locate this award code.
Reviewed 29/7/20

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