Which permissions are needed to edit User Defined Fields

This is not included in the Class Teacher permissions group but many schools want class teachers to be able to add comments into user defined fields not just view them.

The permission required is Student>Basic Details>Edit (All) which is included in the following groups:-

Administration Assistant

Admission Officer

Attendance Manager

Partnership Server Manager

Returns Manager

Returns Operator

School Administrator

SEN Co-ordinator

If the school does not want to assign any of the above groups then they should add a new group.

  • Go to Focus>System Manager>Manage Groups
  • Click on New and give it a code
  • In section 3 Permissions navigate to Student>Basic Details>Edit (All)
  • With this highlighted click on Set All tick on the right
  • Save
  • In section 2 Members click the + Add option and search for the users who require this new group
  • Save





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