DFE FSM Ever 6 Report for 2021/22

To download the report file, click here :

FSM EVER 6 – Secondary

FSM EVER 6 – Primary

Please note that these reports can only be an approximation of FSM Ever6 as used by the DfE for allocating Deprivation Pupil Premium. For example, the DfE knows the YTI reported for pupils in School Census when pupils attended a previous school, but that is not available to the current school.

Please select the one(s) suitable for your school phase. The only difference between the two is that ‘class’ is shown for primary and ‘registration group’ for secondary.

1.  Save the file into a folder on your computer.

2. Unzip the file and extract the FSM Ever6 Eng Prim.rptdef to a folder on your computer you can access when you are in SIMS. To unzip the file right click over the file and select ‘Extract All’

3. In SIMS .net go to Reports / Import – click on the Open folder, browse to the folder you have saved the rptdef file into, select it and click on Open

4. Select the report file and click on import to import the report.

5. Once the report has been imported click on Close to close the import window.

6. The report will be in the student sub folder when you go to Reports / Run.



Reviewed 20/5/21

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