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How to format dates in Excel reports.

When report is run the date of birth will show i.e 21st January 2001 would like the format to be 21/01/01.
To format the date in the report as required after export to excel, please follow the below mentioned steps:
1. Select the ‘DOB’ column in the Excel report output.
2. Go to Menu Data |Text to Columns. A wizard will appear for the same.
3. Select ‘Delimited’ in Step 1 click ‘Next’, click ‘Next’ in Step 2. In Step 3, select the ‘Date:’  radio button. select ‘DMY’ from the drop down. click on Finish. The date will be formatted in the short date format.
4. Now go to Menu | Format | Cells |  Date |  Select the format like (dd/mm/yy) and click on ‘Ok’ | Date will be changed accordingly
Reviewed: 29/04/2015

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