Exam Results Missing

  1. In the first instance, please check through route: Reports | Results |This will show all the ‘certification’ results for the pupil regardless of QCA subject codes or Award to Course Links.
  2. If the results you are expecting are not visible in this route, re-import the results file checking for errors. Save the error log and use the Exam Results Import Errors FAQ to view any fatal errors that may stop results from being imported.
  3. If you are missing Results from some of the result reports, you will need to check the necessary associations that need to have been made for these reports in order to pick up the information.

A quick guide to what needs to have been done for the reports;

i. Candidate Statement of Results.

This will show results by Season or by Academic Year. Any Certifications not visible here will have to be checked by opening up the Result File and checking for the RESULT GRADE. Byte 37 should contain a flag which is to be used to interpret the grades or results contained in byte 38 to 52. For help with understanding the Result file format, please see page 16 of the Joint Council Book:


ii.The Certification Broadsheet

This report relies on QCA codes. The element must have a QCA code in order for the subject to be visible in this report. (It does not show unit marks and will still show subjects, pupils, grades if you have not linked your Award to the Course).

iii.Subject/Grade Analysis
This report again relies on QCA codes.

iv.The group Performance Analysis Report

This can be the most complex report to produce correctly as this is linking the Result for the element to the student. In order to do this;
* Awards must be structured correctly with the necessary elements attached.
* The Award MUST be linked to the appropriate Courses that were active on the Exams Season Start date. If you are getting ‘no data’ it implies that there are links missing somewhere along the route of Element -> Award -> Course -> Class -> Students.
* PI Calculation needs to have been done before producing this report. Since the Group Performance Analysis uses the average points score based on this, it can’t do anything until that’s done first. If this is the first June season in Exams Organiser, it won’t find any eligible seasons since the report’s default membership date is the start date of the selected season.
* Duplicated or triplicated results are due to ‘duplicated’ Awards that still have a Course association attached. In Tools/School Setup/ Exam Awards – check for a duplicate or redundant Awards for the same subject. View/Edit the Award and take out the Course. You can click in the Course and manually delete the Course Link. Save the details.

v.Performance Table report.
Ensure that all results have been imported and that PI Calculation has been done. In order to run the PI Calculations, ensure that you are in a season that contains the month of June, that the Season is not locked, and that the user is an Exams Officer in System Manager for Windows.

vi.Export Results.
This routine will pick up everything whether they have been linked to QCA codes or Awards to Courses. Check that your Awards have been set up correctly in your basedata if you are selecting Awards. Try Selecting Elements and ALL for Series, Level, Element type ‘ALL’. If you have select Process as Result, or Forecast etc… and you cannot see the elements in the Elements Chooser, check that you do have a Forecast grade or a Result for that element.

vii.Check Performance Measures Points exist against the QAN.

This can be checked against the following website: http://register.ofqual.gov.uk/Qualification

Enter the QAN and access the information regarding the Exam. Clicking on ‘View Performance Measures’ will provide details on points. If no points are present the Exam and Grades will not populate in the reports.

Reviewed 29/7/20

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