Exam Results Import Errors

On completion of the exam results file import any logged errors will be displayed in the Errors dialogue box. Use the information below to help resolve any issues before re-importing the results file.


Element xxxx: Record Contains Invalid Candidate No.
Most likely to be encountered if a UCI for a student does not match or has been changed. The student will be identified in the error report, check their Student Statement of Results to see if the results have been imported. If the results have not been imported they can be added manually through a results marksheet. In instances where the UCI does not match you should contact the Exam Board to confirm the correct details for the student.

Aspect Type Result for Element nnnn Not Found.
Likely to be encountered where the exam board have issued a result which differs from those available in the Result Grade Set, potentially because the Exam Board have made a recent change to the Result Grade Set (the Elements affected will be identified in the error report). It is advisable to re-download and refresh the Basedata before importing the results file again. If the error persists you should contact the Exam Board for clarification.


E1 – Result for Elements Absent From Imported Basedata.
The correct Element has not been imported from the Basedata, you will need to re-download the latest Basedata, refresh it and re-import the result file.

E2 – Result Not Matched by an Entry.
The imported results do not have a corresponding entry in Exams Organiser.

E3 – Result Indicated as Being Returned Against a Different Element Entry.
Results have been imported for an Element that is different to the Element for which the entry was made. You should re-download the latest basedata to include the latest Elements, refresh the basedata and re-import the results file.

E4 – Results With a Partial Absence Flag.
The Exam Board has recognised that an issued grade has been awarded against an incomplete list of Components.

E5 – Results Which Differ From a Previous Import.
The Exam Board has updated a result.

E6 – Result Not in Range Defined for the Aspect.
The results imported are not in the range of valid entries defined in the associated aspect.


Invalid Series Code in File.
No Basedata has been imported for this board. Import at least one Element and try to import the results file again, the error report will then list any additional Elements that require Basedata to be imported for as an E1 Handled Error. Download and refresh the latest basedata and re-import the results file.

Aspect Type Equivalent for Element nnnn Not Found.
This is a very common error and can safely be ignored. This is caused by the practice of Pearson and AQA accompanying a UMS mark of 000 with a following X. This appears in the position in the file reserved for the ‘Equivalent’ grade issued by OCR and WJEC. When it encounters this X, the system looks for an equivalent grade aspect to record it against – but one does not exist.


Reviewed 29/7/20

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