UCI No in the result file does not match that recorded for candidate

This error message when importing a Results file is symptomatic of a change made to the Candidate’s UCI.

1.Exams Officers are advised to investigate the original entry file in the Submission Log to ensure that the correct UCI has been sent to the Boards. (This will need to be done for all entry files for Boards that contain this Candidate’s entries and amendments.) The Submission files can be found in Examinations Organiser route: Focus | Submissions – select the initial entry file that contains the Candidate’s entries and click on View/Edit to check the submission contents. Expand the nodes to view the UCI.

2.The UCI also needs to be checked against the Candidate Details Screen through route: Focus | Candidates | Internal or External – View/Edit.

3.If the UCI is not consistent between the Submission contents and the Candidate’s details, Exams Officers should make every effort to find out why this has been changed since the initial entry was made. Was this assigned by mistake originally, or is it a possible ‘duplicate’ External Candidate?

4.If the UCI appears correctly in the submission file and also in the Candidate Details screen, users are advised to contact the Board that has issued the Result file. It is possible that the Candidate had a previous UCI issued by a different Centre which has been noted by the Boards, and, although the UCI in Exams is consistent, is ultimately invalid. In this scenario, the correct UCI should be agreed with the Boards and ALL other Boards will also have to be notified. The UCI will need to be amended on the system.

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