FMS6 adoption of ESFA chart of accounts

Below are the latest updates regarding ESFA Chart of Accounts for academies and MATS.

Ensure that FMS6 is on V6.192 (Spring) or higher. You can confirm the version via Help | About SIMS FMS.

From FMS > Tools > General Ledger Setup, tab 10 ESFA Mapping. You will be able to map your general ledger codes to the ESFA codes. If you are unable to see Tab 10 ESFA Mapping you will need to contact the Scomis Service desk to request patch 25686.

The ESFA codes can be found on the follow link – Academies chart of accounts and automating the accounts return – GOV.UK ( Under the document name Academies chart of accounts.

Once mapped a new report will be available Reports | Academies Reporting | ESFA Trial Balance by I&E and Balance Sheet. Define the year and period you wish to select and verify mappings to ensure the Trial Balance balances to zero.

To see how the ESFA codes are showing please compare by running you usual Trial Balance report.  You can then check the total income agrees etc. on both reports.

The information is pushed to the SIMS ID hub daily. Login to the SIMS FMS Hub by using the following link – SIMS ID. if you don’t already have one please email with the following information:

Subject line: FMS6 Hub – ESFA Reporting.

Within the email provide:
The full name and position of the person/s who require access to FMS6 Hub on behalf of your organisation.
SIMS ID login, if they have one.
Email address of the person who will be transferring your organisations accounting data to ESFA.
Where your organisation is a Multi Academy Trust, the name and address of the registered

Don’t forget you will also need to ensure you have signed up for ESFA data submission.
If you haven’t already done so you will need to register with ESFA to access IDAMS for transferring your accounting data digitally. Click here to access the .Gov website registration guidance.

To access the .Gov website for further guidance relating to the Account Return including a short video – Academies accounts return: guide to using the online form – GOV.UK (
To find helpful tutorial via ESFA Gov You Tube channel – How to register for the IDAMS system using your trust UPIN – YouTube

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