School Pupil Tracker within Scomis Hosted Applications

Currently, when using School Pupil Tracker within Scomis Hosted Applications, you will only be able to use the ‘Set Up Helper’.

This is the area where you can upload a CTF or a report that has been created in SIMS.You can also use any functions used to update your account within SIMS eg. update classes, attendance, upload CTF etc.

You will not be able to produce any data analysis using Pupil Tracker within SIMS (Hosted).

In order to produce any data analysis, you will need to create the CTF in the normal way, go to File Manager and copy/move the file into your local drives. This is shown here: Once the file has been exported, you can open Pupil Tracker using Chrome or a newer version of Internet Explorer (Outside of Hosted SIMS) and import the files here.


Reviewed 06/03/18

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