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How do I get access to Torbay Council Intranet?

Torbay Council Intranet is called Insight. Also the telephone directory is called corp-toad2.

To access these sites (if you do not have access already) you will have to do the following:

  1. Go to Computer.
  2. Click C: drive
  3. Open Windows folder
  4. Find and open System32 folder
  5. Find and open the Drivers  folder
  6. Open the ETC folder
  7. Open the HOSTS file with notepad.
  8. At the bottom, after local host, hit enter and key in the following lines:     insight     corp-toad2
    The numbers and words are separated by a TAB press
  9. Next open Internet Explorer
  10. Open Tools – Internet Options – Connections – LAN Settings
  11. In LAN settings – select Advanced in the bottom corner
  12. In the Exceptions box -‘Do not use the proxy server for addesses beginning with:’ type: (in lowercase)
  13. If there is anything else written in the Exceptions be sure to separate them with a semi colon ;

By following these steps you should be able to access the Torbay CC intranet and add it as a favourite. Http://insight

NOTE: When editing the HOSTS file make sure its not saved as a text file. This file should not have a file extension.

Please call the Scomis Service Desk if you have any problems with this process or it does not work.

Reviewed on 01/08/2019

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