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Scomis Remote Backup – Desktop and Laptop Installation Procedures for Server & Network Team


The Desktop Analyst Team will now carry out Admin WSFS backup installations.

The Storage Platform console now has a generic group called a DESKTOP INSTALL. The S&N team will need to make sure enough DL licenses are allocated to the group (ie 2 or 3) so the installation by the Desktop Analyst works correctly when the client connects to the Storage Platform.
There is now a generic MSI available to download at http://attix.scomis.org (32bit and 64bit versions) with minimal configuration requirements required by the Desktop team.

Desktop Analyst installation process

Download generic installer from http://attix.scomis.org (36mb download)

Click install, then Finish (and launch client)

Enter account name = schools 7 digit DFS number

Enter password = normal scomisrs password

Enter Encryption key = using the generated key from https://upgrades.scomis.org/passwords/

Installation completed

Open backup client, go to Tools, enable Remote Management. Then close.

Open firewall settings and allow port 9091 inbound giving it a name of Redstor IN

Allow port 9091 outbound giving it a name of Redstor OUT


Add McAfee AV exclusions for OnAccess scanner and Full Scan – exclude C:\Program Files\Attix 5 Pro including files / subfolders

Call Scomis Service Desk – specify IP address of admin PC (important) and inform them install is complete and for a call to be logged to SN team to complete config of new backup client

Following their part of the installation, the Server and Network Team will need to carry out the tasks below.

Server and Network Team Installation Process

Connect to new client named ie 8781234 in a DESKTOP INSTALL group in SP console (use IP address supplied by Desktop Analyst)

Configure backup schedule (enable daily backups at given time)

Enable VSS and configure retry / timeout options

Complete exclusions (ie OLDPC, sqlbackup backup folder, Moved to SIMS TS, old SQL directories etc)

Move client to the correct school group by selecting Change Group option in SP console – (check school cost code to be sure it is moved to the right school group)

Rename client to MAIN ADMIN PC (use V2 etc if required)

Wait for first backup to complete

Correct any issues and complete post installation checklist and close call

Important – it is essential that whoever does the post installation check also tests that the encryption key matches the generated key from https://upgrades.scomis.org/passwords/ key by logging into the backup frontend using the account information for the school. See http://faq.scomis.org/kb5409/ for instructions on how to do this.

If the encryption key doesn’t work, try the SQL generated password. If all fails, the client will need to be reinstalled by the Server and Network Team using the generated encryption key. Then on the post install check, again, please test the encryption key works by logging in via the  web front end.

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