Activating and De-Activating Seats in Exams Organiser.

The room layout for an individual examination can be amended to suit your requirements. For example, you may wish to deactivate an extra block of seats to allow room for more invigilators.

1. Highlight the seat(s) you wish to deactivate by either clicking an individual seat or dragging across a group of seats.

2. Right-click this selection of seats and select Set Seats Inactive from the pop-up menu. These seats are displayed with a yellow background and will not be available when organising the seating. The Current Seating  Capacity is also updated to reflect the reduced seating capacity.
NOTE: When defining the default room layout, any deactivated seats are displayed with a grey background. When deactivating seats for an individual sitting, these seats are displayed with a yellow background.
3. To reactivate these seats (if required), highlight the required area, right click this selection of seats and select ‘Clear Seats’ from the pop-up menu.

4. Click the Save Record Changes button on the Focus Bar.

Reviewed on 24/5/19

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