How do I change the candidate status from External to Internal?

If a candidate was previously defined as an external candidate, but has since joined your establishment, you can transfer their status from external candidate to internal candidate. Using this routine means that you do not
have to delete their entries, delete them as an external candidate, re-assign them as an internal candidate and recreate their entries.
This process can also be used to transfer those candidates from external to internal, who were added as external candidates in error.

NOTES: Transferring a candidate from internal to external does not affect any examination results previously recorded for that candidate. Any existing examination results are retained within the SIMS SQL database. It is not necessary to reassign Exam Numbers or UCIs to candidates who have been transferred in this way.

1. Select Focus | Candidates | External to display the External Candidate
2. Highlight the candidate you wish to transfer to an internal candidate and click the View/Edit button to display the External Candidate Details form.
3. Select External Candidate | Transfer as Internal Candidate to transfer the selected candidate.

The candidate’s details are replaced with the next candidate in the browser. The transferred candidate is no longer displayed in the External Candidate browser, but are displayed in the Internal Candidate browser (which can be opened by selecting Focus | Candidates | Internal).

NB – when changing from Internal to External for a leaver the candidate will not be visible via Internal Candidate – Go to External Candidate, click on Add, enter the name then click on SEARCH which should bring up the already known candidate, Click on View then Select which will embed the details, click on the tick to Save.

Reviewed 05/02/2019

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