How do I Bulk Update Information in SIMS?

The facility to Bulk Update pupil/student information enables you to simultaneously assign values to a group of pupil/students, and then edit any individual exceptions if required.

Routines | Pupil (or Student) | Bulk Update.

The Group Type indicates the type of group you wish to work with whilst the Group allows you to select the specific group of pupil/students to edit.

Select Data Item to update

Click the Search button to display a list of pupil/students matching the selected criteria.

Right-click the heading of a data entry column (white background) and select Check All to populate the column with ticks. Alternatively, select Un check All to remove all the ticks from the column. The Assigned column displays the selected choice.

The following information can be edited using Bulk Update.

Birth Certificate Seen

Boarder Status

Country of Birth


Emergency Consent

English Additional Language

Ethnic Data Source


First Language

First Language Source

Gifted/Talented Subject

Home Language

Home Religion

Mode of Travel

National Identity

Parental Consent

Proficiency in English

Pupil Nationality

Pupil Premium Indicator

SEN Provision Type

SEN Status

Service Children in Education

Source of Service Children

Speaks Welsh

Youth Support Services Agreement (Secondary schools).



Reviewed 28/07/2020 – AT

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