Downloading and importing KS2 Test Results 2022

Schools can download this year’s KS2 Test results from the PAG  (Primary Assessment gateway) Website –  The CTF file can then be imported into Sims via :

Routines | Data In | Import | Import CTF | Add KS2 data for existing pupils only

If you can not see the file to import, it may be due to downloading a KS2 file with a duplicate name and the filename now end with (2) e.g. 8781111_KS2_878111.001(2)  You will need to browse to the files, rename the duplicate filenames (perhaps put ‘old’ on the end of duplicates) and you will then be able to remove the (2) from the end of the filename you want to import.

You can then view your results by going to Tools| Performance | Assessment | Wizard manager and selecting the Key Stage 2 2022 Wizard.

Click next until you see the below –

Select the KS2 Test Outcomes marksheet as highlighted above.

You will then be able to view your results.

Reviewed on 04/07/2022

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