I cannot find the CTF that another school has sent us.

Have you received the email from the DFE to say that there is a file waiting for you? If not, the school intending to send the file has not managed to send it yet.

If you have received an email to say that there is a CTF waiting for your school you may not be able to find it because the file has not downloaded correctly. Re-download the file from the S2S website using the. You will need to go to ‘Files previously downloaded’. When you download this time use the ‘Save as’ option as this will allow you to specify where the file will be saved. You may get a message saying that the area is restricted, click OK past this message and go to Computer > F drive (school name) > Public > SIMS > STAR > CTFIN, and save the file here. If you have a custom location for CTF’s, browse to this location instead.


Reviewed 28/07/2020 – AT

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