Using the CTF Matching Screen

The CTF Matching routine enables you to define how a record in a CTF is imported into SIMS. It also enables you to select a record in the CTF that matches a record in your SIMS database then update the SIMS database with any missing details. The method used to match a record in the CTF with a record in the SIMS
database can be changed, enabling you to be as strict or as flexible as necessary.

This message relates to the Match and Import panel on the Import CTF page, which enables you to examine the data stored in SIMS against the information in the CTF and decide which information should be imported.

The scale defaults to level 2, indicating that the system will match on similar surname and forename. If you wish to remain on level 2 of the matching scale, click the No button to display the Import CTF page. To change the matching scale, click the Yes button to display the CTF Matching Scale dialog.

This screen enables you to select the required scale from the following:

Scale 1 – Match Surname and Forename
Scale 2 – Match Similar Surname, Forename
Scale 3 – Match Similar Surname and Similar Forename Separately
Scale 4 – Match first character of Surname and Forename
The corresponding number indicates the level of matching you wish to carry out, with level 1 being the most strict and 4 being the most flexible.

Select the required matching scale by clicking the required heading (e.g. Match Surname and Forename) or the required level number (e.g. 1). Clicking the required matching scale displays in the bottom panel of the screen, more detailed information on the selected scale.
Confirm that you wish to implement the new matching scale by clicking the Set Scale button to display the Import CTF page.

Full Documentation can be found Using the CTF matching Screen

Reviewed on 12/08/2016

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