How do I request a pupil’s missing ULN ?

Routines | Data Out | CTF | Export CTF Select option ULN Request/Update.

Select the pupils who require a ULN.

All students 14 & above will require a ULN Number

You must not include pupils whose data you have been asked to protect. This typically includes pupils in witness protection programmes, vulnerable learners, and certain offenders. If in doubt, please do not submit those pupils. You can call the MIAP Learner registration service helpdesk 0845 602 2589.

It does not matter to the ULN Service which destination you choose,  select either your own school or LA as the destination, or ‘Unknown’ which is often represented as XXX-XXXX. Then ensure that you make a note of the exact filename of the CTF file created for you and its location.

Click Export CTF.

If you are a Hosted School access via the DFE Secure Access shortcut via SIMS.

If you are not hosted use your Internet browser go to Enter the user name and password for your school and click on Submit.

Navigate to the ULN Service Link



Select Upload CTF Result

Read the terms and conditions paragraph, and confirm your acceptance by clicking the checkbox under it

Click the ‘Browse’ button to find and select the CTF file that you have exported from your SIMS system.

Click ‘Open’ in the ‘Choose file’ window.  Browse and Select the relevant file so that the full file name and location of the CTF file is shown in the grey box.

(If you are unsure as to where the file has saved go to SIMS > Tools > Set up > CTF and have a look at the CTF export directory, this is where you CTF File is located)

Click the ‘Upload’ button to submit your selected CTF file.

Click here for more information on ULN’s.

Reviewed 24/5/2019

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