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New Options when Exporting a CTF.

The Autumn upgrade has introduced new options when choosing to export a CTF

Routines >  Data Out > Export CTF.

You will now be faced with 2 Export Type options.

General – This is the default option which will take you into the export CTF window you are familiar with.

ULN Request/ Update – This is a new option which will copy the necessary student details into a CTF file, which you can then upload to the ULN service.  ULN’s are only needed for pupils aged between 14-18 at present, so primary schools can ignore this option.

Click here for Help on where to send your ULN Update/Request CTF File.

Phonics Test Results (Primary Schools Only) – This will only export the Phonics test results for your selected Students.

Reviewed on 12/08/2016

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