Creating a hosted applications demo account

Process for setting up a demo account for a school interested in purchasing our hosted applications solutions

Logon to SIMSNET01

Connect to DemoData and login as scotech

Go to Focus>System Manager>Manage Users

Create a new SIMS user or select an existing user currently not being used (ie a non windows authenticated user) with the relevant permissions required below.

Admissions Officer, Assessment Coordinator, Attendance Manager, Class Teacher, Cover Manager, Curricular Manager, Exams Officer, Fees Manager, Personnel Officer, Profiles Coordinator, Returns Manager, School Administrator, SEN Coordinator, System Manager, Timetabler

Save Changes.

Open Active Directory and go to the DemoData OU under SchoolUsers and rename one of the old existing accounts to scomis.demoXX were XX is a random number. Select a number which isn’t already being used. Amend the login name to match the account name.

Add the new account to the DemoData, DemoDataResetPassword, SchoolResetPasswords, groups.

Back in SIMS System Manager, Windows Authenticate the user by searching for active directory user within SIMS. Save changes.

Reset the active directory password to a new secure password.

Allocate the relevant TSShortcuts to the user account. If non Devon, obviously no need to include DCC Apps. Include the User Management shortcuts.

Test access to the account.

Once you are happy that all is working, send an email to the school IT contact as per template below and insert the relevant login details highlighted in red text.

SWGfL Schools email template for demo account

We have created a test account for you as promised so you can login to our hosted SIMS environment and so it gives you an idea of what to expect.

Download our hosted applications connector and driverless printing client software from

Take note of the system requirements for installing the 2 pieces of software.

Once installed, click on the Scomis Hosted Applications icon on your Desktop. This can also be tested on your home PC / laptop.

Then you can login using the following credentials –

Username –insert newly created username

Password – insert newly created password

The account is Windows Authenticated with SIMS so it will take you straight into SIMS.

You will see on the left hand side, there is a menu (if it is not showing, click the 2 green arrows button), and from there, in a normal school setting, you would navigate to other programs such as hosted school finance programs (in Devon, this is FMS and other applications specific to Devon).

In the User Management menu, you can request new users, reset passwords, and allocate shortcuts to other users.

If you have any problems logging in or require any further assistance, please let us know.


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