FMS – Ledger code deletion/Conversion

When a ledger code is setup it is setup with a type e.g ES – Salaries, EX  – Expenditure or IN – Income.  These codes  can now only be deleted or converted in the following scenarios as defined by ESS


Scenario 1 – Ledger code no longer required and has not been used – Free ledger code deletion tool

If a ledger has been setup but is no longer required and has never been used in any financial year, the ledger code deletion tool can be used but only on the current financial year.  (This does not allow the code to be setup as a new type)  The school will need to confirm in writing the ledger code to be deleted and confirm they understand that once its deleted the ledger code can not be set up as new type. – see

Scenario 2 -If a ledger code has not been used in any financial year and needs converting to a new ledger type, (Please note this is a chargeable licence patch)  the following steps will need to be taken:

  1. Schools will need to confirm the ledger code/s to be converted in writing to us and that have been unlinked as per the steps in
  2. Patch  23462 can be used to convert the ledger codes that are no longer required  as long as they have not been used in any financial year or have any budgets assigned. Note:The patch is a is a run once only patch – this means you can only run it once, if the school comes back to us in the future requesting a conversion again for another ledger code, we will need to log a call with ESS to arrange for the data to be sent to Capita for a quote)

Scenario 3 – If a ledger code/s have been used if any of the financial years contained in the FMS database and need to be converted to a new type.

If the above fits the schools current situation within FMS, a (chargeable quotation from ESS)  can be provided.  You will need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Gain written permission from the school of the ledger codes to be converted and that they agree for Scomis to collect the FMS data to send to ESS for a bespoke quote on converting the required codes and the code type they wish the ledger codes to be converted too.
  2. Log a call with ESS, asking for a quote, ESS will then send password details so that we can upload the data for a quotation for a site specific patch









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