How to do I add Part Time pupils into Sims.net?

The sessions when part-time pupils, i.e. pupils of non-statutory school age, are not required to attend school can be specified using this routine. SIMS then applies the No Attendance Required code to the sessions that occur during the specified date range. The Week Range dates must lie within the new academic year and we would advise that you use the working academic year dates as explained in the following example

Select Tools | Setups | Attendance Setup | Part Time Pupils to display the Part Time Pupils page.

Specify the date range appropriate to the period for which your chosen group will be part-time. The dates must lie within the academic year.

Highlight the required groups (using Ctrl or Shift to highlight multiple groups). The Select All and Deselect All button can also be used if required.
Specify when attendance is required by selecting one of the radio buttons.

  • Attendance required in mornings only
  • Attendance required in afternoons only
  • Attendance required all day

Select this option when a part-time pupil starts full-time school. All ‘Not Required’ codes for the pupil are removed from the system.

  • Apply a weekly pattern of Not Required codes

Select this option if a mixture of AM and PM sessions is required. The associated grid is then enabled. Select the check boxes that represent thesessions when the pupils are not required to attend school.

In the following example, the pupils are expected to attend Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning, and all day on Wednesday.

Existing marks can be protected or overwritten. This is achieved by clicking the Preserve/Overwrite toggle button.

Preserve toggle button   Overwrite toggle button

Click the Apply button to apply the codes to the selected part-time pupils.


Reviewed 29/7/20


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