Submitting KS2 Results to NCA Tools Website (Hosted Schools) Currently Schools are unable to access the NCA Tools website via Internet Explorer in Scomis Hosted Applications. They receive either of the…
Transferring Key Stage returns via the Anycomms client As Securenet has now been decommissioned, you will need to upload your Key Stage Assessment returns via Anycomms. Use file explorer to move the…
17 Apr 2018
Following an update from the DfE in their Assessment and Reporting Guidelines, Capita have included in the Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 Wizards the KS1 P2 Comparative England 2018 and KS2…
23 May 2016
  We have had calls from schools that have been unable to access NCA Tools website via Internet Explorer in Scomis Hosted Applications, and as a locally hosted school. They receive either…
1 Apr 2016
Please see the following document for advise on how to create a CTF for pupil including leavers:   Creating a CTF for Pupils including Leavers   Reviewed 19/03/2018
Please see the following document for advise on how to create a user defined group: Creating a User Defined Group   Reviewed: 22/02/18
24 Apr 2015
Locate the relevant Marksheet via Tools>Performance>Assessment>Wizard Manager. Open the Marksheet and right click on the cell with the incorrect grade. This will allow you to view/edit the result history as per the…
Export to xml

How to Export the Results Using the Key Stage Manager Wizard

If you wish to use the Key Stage Manager Wizard to export the results to a XML file:

1. Click the Next button on the Individual Report screen.


2.  The Group Membership Dates display the current academic year by default. If you wish to change these dates click the Refresh button to display the pupils who are on roll between the selected dates for the particular group.

3. Deselect the check boxes adjacent to any pupils for whom you do not wish to export results.

4. Click the Export button, enter a name for results file and navigate to the location where you would like the file to be saved.

5. Click the Save button and a message The XML file has been created successfully will be displayed at the bottom of the Export screen.

6. Click the Finish button to exit the wizard.

7 .Upload the file to your LA in the normal way prescribed by them.

10 Aug 2010
1) Navigate to Tools/Performance/Assessment/Wizard Manager. 2) Click on  the name of the Key Stage you want and then click on next. 3) Select the year group and then click on next. 4) Highlight…