How do I export my assessment data from School Pupil Tracker into SIMS ?

If your school sends assessment data to your Local Authority using a file from School Pupil Tracker you should still import assessments into your school’s Management Information System (SIMS). This ensures all your pupils have the statutory data saved to their record.

The following process will need to be completed for all Key Stages.

  • Choose which children are to be assessed this year
  • Fill in your assessment data within School Pupil Tracker
  • Create the files to export by going to the ‘SET UP HELPER’ and click on the ‘Exporting data create a CTF’ button. Now click on the link that says ‘Export data to a CTF to send to Local Authority’. A new page will appear confirming the assessment data you are exporting. Ensure you select the first choice ‘Year 2014-2015′ option in the drop down box ( only use the second drop down option if creating a CTF for other children at other points of the year)
  • Click on ‘Use above pupils’ button.
  • School Pupil Tracker will check through assessment data and a check box will open showing a list of children. Check this list and add or remove students if necessary. If details are correct continue and School Pupil Tracker will complete a range of checks.
  • Deal with any warnings
  • Click on the green ‘CREATE FILES’ button to create files, please wait a few moments while building files, any red error warnings located will be sent to the head office at School Pupil Tracker who will look into the issue
  • If no errors a set of 3 files will appear, please select the second option [MIS IMPORT FILE] to import data into SIMS and download the file by clicking save and select the desired location,this could be C:G: or if hosted F:PUBLIC\SIMS\STAR\CTFIN
  • Once the file has been saved in the correct location please import into your Management Information System (SIMS) via Routines > Data In > CTF > Import CTF > Select General, remove all ticks EXCEPT Student Basic Details and Assessment Data. Browse to file location and select the file, select pupils On-Roll and import.


For any further information regarding creating the assessment file in School Pupil Tracker to export, please use the End of Year Routines Help cards within School Pupil Tracker.

Reviewed 21/02/2016

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