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Leading Practitioner pay range and SWC

There are several changes announced in the July 2013 bulletin regarding the Advanced Skills Teacher and Excellent Teacher pay arrangements and the replacement pay terms for Leading Practitioner (the relevant Excerpt from this bulletin is shown at the bottom of this page for further information).

Capita are aware of the need to record the new Leading Practitioner pay range within SIMS for the SWC 2013. When creating a new service term for Leading Practitioner you will need to map back to the appropriate value of ‘Leading Practitioner’ for pay scale and SWC post. These values are defined by the DFE so Capita cannot update these values until the change is authorised.

Until these changes are made, the DFE has recommended the following workaround.

1. Create and define a new service term in SIMS called ‘Leading Practitioner’ via Tools | Staff | Pay Related

2. In panel 2 ‘Pay Awards’- create a new scale for Leading Practitioner and map the pay scale back to ‘Other’

3. In panel 4 ‘Posts’- create a post for Leading Practitioner and map back the SWC post to ‘Excellent Teacher’

If you require assistance with any of these steps, please contact us on 01392 385300 or via


Excerpt from DfE ICES Bulletin No 64 (4 July 2013) (Added 05/07 16:30)

1. School workforce census – reform of teachers pay and conditions

Gerard Hassett –Data Development Unit

Changes to teachers’ pay being introduced in September this year will affect the reporting of pay in the 2013 School Workforce Census (SWF).

In April this year the department published the draft School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document 2013 (STPCD) together with departmental advice, which has been produced to assist schools in reviewing and revising their approach to teachers’ pay.

The STPCD 2013 will come into effect from 1 September 2013 and will introduce major changes to teachers’ pay with a consequent impact on the collection of the School Workforce Census.

The main changes from the previous STPCD which will affect the SWF are:

  • the removal of Advanced Skills Teachers (ASTs) and Excellent Teachers pay scales;
  • the replacement of pay scales with pay ranges (except in the case of the leadership pay scale which is retained) and the consequent removal of the pay spines and spine points;
  • the introduction of a new pay range for leading practitioners;
  • the introduction of fixed term teaching and learning responsibility payments (TLR3).

Education Data Division (EDD) has consulted with software suppliers and with data customers and has subsequently decided not to make changes to the specification for the 2013 SWF because of timing reasons and because the changes would be of an interim nature and would need further alterations before the 2014 census.

While the specification is remaining unchanged we request that schools take care in reporting data this year. EDD asks schools and LAs to take the following steps in returning data for SWF 2013:

  • Please provide Base Pay where possible. For teachers not on the leadership pay spine schools will have the freedom from 1 September 2013 to pay salaries that are not aligned to spine points and so only Base Pay figures will be completely reliable and comparable between schools and LAs.
  • Spine points will still be available in the collection. Only the leadership pay spine will be defined in the main body of the STPCD though the annexes will include values for the other pay spines. While the department would prefer Base Pay to be reported, schools and LAs using spine points are asked to ensure that these will be used to refer to the values in the annex to the 2013 STPCD that include the September 2013 pay award (the document is currently subject to a consultation which closes on Friday 26 July).
  • Schools and LAs should not be issuing new contracts from 1 September 2013 that include the post or pay scale of Excellent Teacher or of AST. However, as the pay scale and post of Leading Practitioner may not be available in school and LA systems the department asks that these new contracts be returned with pay scales and post of either Excellent Teacher or of AST. This is for the convenience of reporting data and should not be taken to imply that the posts are in any way interchangeable or equivalent.


Reviewed on 25/10/2016

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