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Changes to teachers pay from September 2013

The updated STPCD 2013 explicitly states: From September 2013 schools may find that they are initially operating more than one pay system within each pay range to accommodate existing teachers and new entrants. This is acceptable and it will be for schools to determine how best to assimilate those pay systems within each range over time.

Existing members of staff are required to be on the inflated structures for 2013 defined in the updated STPCD 2013. New members of staff will need to be on new pay structures as defined in the schools pay policy. This structure will need to adhere to the min and max values defined in the updated STPCD 2013.

As the pay of current members of staff must relate to the updated mandatory spine points which are then collected in the SWC, Capita cannot remove the spine point system in Personnel completely. Schools can decide on either of the following for their new members of staff.

  1. Create new service terms for teachers where the first point equals the minimum value defined in the STPCD and the last point equals the max point of the STPCD. How schools decide to apportion the minimum and maximum values in a point range is a school level decision. E.g. each point could represent an increase of £100.
  2. Pay new members of staff using the updated mandatory pay points for current members of staff, but use allowances to increase the pay to the required amount.

E.g. A new member of staff is to start on a salary of £30,000. The school will place the member of staff of M5 on the main scale which equals £29,533. The staff member will then require a separate allowance of £467 to bring them up to the required £30,000.

The SWC has a new enhancement from the summer release which enables you to overwrite base pay with the correct figure. Some LAs and schools have told us that they would like to make use of Allowances for generating the correct Base Pay in SWC. With this in mind we are looking at providing a patch to modify the SWC 2013 application functionality as follows.

  • Where Allowance Code begins with “~” the amount of the allowance will be added to the Base Pay and pro rata will not be applied.
  • Where Allowance Code does not begin with “~” the amount of the allowance will be added to Additional Payments and pro rata will be applied as necessary.

For example: Allowance Code “~MN1” will be added to Base Pay, while “MAN1” will be added to Additional Payments (pro rata as necessary).

We understand that this increased flexibility will help some schools to cope with changes being made to teachers pay in September. Guidance will be provided when this patch becomes available.

Capita will be making the necessary changes in Personnel in time for the first annual pay award that will take account of paragraphs 14-21 in the updated STPCD 2013 in September 2014. We will provide an update on this in the autumn term.

Leading Practitioner

We are aware of the need to record the new Leading Practitioner pay range within SIMS for the SWC 2013. When creating a new service term for Leading Practitioner you will need to map back to the appropriate value of ‘Leading Practitioner’ for pay scale and SWC post. These values are defined by the DFE so Capita cannot update these values until the change is authorised.

We have received confirmation from the DFE that these values will need to be updated in early 2014. In the meantime, Capita has agreed a work around with the DFE for the SWC in Autumn. Please open kb10429 for the full details.



Reviewed on 25/10/2016

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