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Remove/uninstall the Scomis Hosted Applications Connection (version 5)

In order to fully uninstall the Scomis Hosted Applications Connector, the following steps will need to be taken.

1. Scripted removal

Download this script which can be run manually or deployed via group policy


The script above now chains the Screwdrivers script so if you put the two scripts into the same folder you can remove both the Scomis connector and Screwdrivers printing client in one action.

Scomis takes no responsibility for these scripts so please be sure to test it before using across a number of machines or school network.  It will attempt to remove all known versions of the SIMS Terminal Server and Scomis Hosted Applications service icons.

2. Manual Removal – for a manual removal follow the instructions below…

Easy Bit

  • On the Computer, use the Control Panel > Add remove programs or Programs and features (depending on which version of Windows is installed)
  • Choose to Uninstall the Scomis Hosted Applications and allow the uninstall to complete

Harder Bit In order for the Self Updating to work around UAC (User Access Control) and enhanced permissions on Windows 7 computers, an application called Bootstrap.exe runs from the C:\Programs Files\Scomis\Hosted Applications folder and copies the entire installation into a location that can be updated by the user.  You may need to enable Hidden/System folders (http://faq.scomis.org/kb3676/)  in Windows Explorer in order to browse to the folders below.

  • Windows 7/8 Computers
    • Browse to C:\ProgramData
    • Delete the Scomis folder

Windows Registry Like most software, the Scomis Hosted Applications Connector stores information in the Windows Registry.  The information stored here is minimal and doesn’t need to be removed, however for completeness of tidying up, the following keys can be removed. HKCU\Software\Scomis HKLM\Software\Scomis kb10268

Please note: If this FAQ is applied to a private home computer, Scomis is unable to provide support.

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