Protecting your computer(s) against Viruses and Malware

Protecting your computer(s) against Viruses and Malware

Anti-Virus Software
• Install a quality Anti-Virus package that includes Malware protection*.
• Regularly check to make sure that the virus definition file is being updated daily.
• Regularly check for patches or newer versions of the software which require manually installing.
• Schedule regular full system virus scans, ideally on a daily basis but if not weekly.
• Make a note of when your Anti-Virus licence expires so you can renew it or find an alternative before it expires.

Operating System Updates
• Make sure your operating system is set to automatically download and install critical updates automatically.
• Regularly run a manual check for updates, download and install any that are required.

General Guidance
• Unless you are 100% confident of their reliability do not click on links received via email, instead manually navigate to the desired location on the appropriate website
• Unless you are 100% confident of their reliability do not click on attachments received via email without first confirming with the sender that they are genuine.
• If you are using Windows XP or Server 2003 consider upgrading to a newer more secure operating system (Please note Windows XP is no longer a supported operating system. If you are still using Windows XP you should upgrade or replace your computer).
• Do not proceed with unsolicited phone calls informing you that you have a problem with your computer.
• Regularly update software such as Flash, Java and Adobe Reader from the manufacturer’s website.
• Regularly check your installed programs and remove any software you no longer require.

* Scomis are able to provide McAfee Anti-Virus software at favourable rates for more information click here

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