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How to handle rotations in the Timetable.

There are two ways to carry out Timetable rotations. The first is if the Students are rotating and the Teacher & Room are staying the same the other is if the students are staying within the same room and the teacher are rotating.

If the students are rotating and the teacher is staying the same room the rotation is recorded in Sims by going Focus>School> Academic Structure > Curriculum Assignment by scheme > Open the scheme you are wishing to rotate > Click Allocate > Student carousel Rotations Wizard. Please Click Here for further information.

Using the above method will keep the rotations changes even if the Timetable is sent across from Nova T6 into Sims.

If the Room/Teacher are rotating these changes must be recorded in Nova and not Sims.

This is done in the block screen, locate the block and right click over the class and select Edit Staffing.

Nova-T6 has no notion of time, so such a change is an alteration to the existing timetable. It may be preferable to have two, or even three, copies of the timetable each with the carousel set as required and to bring the appropriate one into use when the time arrives, e.g. the beginning of a new term.

Reviewed on 29/7/20


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