FMS Emailing Orders as PDFs

Since the FMS Autumn 2013 upgrade, it has been possible to automatically email suppliers with the purchase order instead of printing it out and faxing it through.  Below are the steps necessary to enable and set up this functionality within the Hosted Environment.

If using a school domain as the “from” address for the email (e.g. and the Scomis mail server, you must ensure that your email domain contains an SPF record that allows Scomis to send email on behalf of your school domain, otherwise email WILL be rejected by recipients.  See Checking your SPF Records to see if there might be problems emails.

Where possible, please use the Mail Server provided by your email provider, otherwise email may not be delivered.  Scomis cannot guarantee delivery of email when using our Hosted mail servers.

If you are not hosted, then please get the relevant settings from your Network Technician to input within Step 1.

1.   Tools | Establishment Details | Tab 5   – highlight the pdf option and edit with the pencil

If your data is hosted by Scomis then the following will apply:-

  • Enter into the Mail Server box
  • Enter 25 into the Port Number box
  • Enter the Email address of  Unless your school SPF Record allows Scomis to send email on behalf,  then you can use the email address of the school/person who will be responsible for sending the eAdvices into the Return e-mail Address box.
  • Subject line could be Purchase Order from [school name]
  • Enter any Message details e.g. concerning delivery
  • Click on Test Mail Server Setup to test the connection
  • Ensure that your connection is working before clicking on Save and moving to Step 2

2.   Tools | Accounts Payable Parameters | Tab 6 – put a tick in ‘send pdf’

  • Use the pencil to edit the signatory details
  • This is the name that will be printed on the official order.

3.   Tools | Accounts Payable Parameters | Tab 1 – click the button for PDF Orders

  • This is your Terms & Conditions area – any text input here will be added as a second page on your emailed orders.
  • If you require a printed copy, change the Extra Copies to 2 (the email counts as the first copy)

4.   Focus | Accounts Payable | Suppliers – Tab 1 Basic information

  • Make sure that you have the correct email address for the supplier in the EOrdering box
  • Change the order method to M
  • Save your changes

5.   Focus | Accounts Payable | Purchase Order

  • Create your order
  • Save and Authorise it
  • Click on the PDF Preview icon to see what will be sent
  • Click on the Print icon – this will send the email instead of printing it

If you have any issues or questions regarding this setup or functionality, please call the Helpdesk on 01392 385300 or email us on

Reviewed 22/04/2021


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