FMS – DataExportsUser ‘User does not have the required access rights’

Since the Spring 2014 Upgrade FMS now has a new menu item under Tools>MIS Settings. If the MIS settings in FMS are not correct the error ‘User does not have the required access rights’ may be displayed.

A message appears when users first log into FMS ‘User does not have the required access rights’ but it will let them continue into the FMS database, but further error messages appear when trying to run salary projections and there is no data in Salary Projections

To resolve issue –

There is a new entry box in FMS>Tools>MIS Settings

A log in box now appears which requires a username, password and path. The username and password are found in Sims:

In Sims>System Manager>Manage Users :

Search for the user ‘DataExportsUser’ – (you will have to set the filters to ‘Any’, first name DataExports – Surname is User)

  • Ensure that the DataExportsUser has permissions as ‘Application Links User’
  • Reset the password, (copy the password as it needs to be copied into FMS>Tools>MIS Settings)
  • Save.


In FMS go to Tools>MIS Settings:

  • Set the username to : DataExportsUser
  • Paste the password copied from Sims>System Manager>Manage Users> Password for ‘DataExportsUser’
  • Path : G:\\commandpulsar.exe (or whatever path is correct for your school)
  • Save

This should resolve the issue.

Reviewed 28/02/2018


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