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Scomis Hosted Application Connector – Upgrading / Deploying

Updated 2015/06/29 with new version of Screwdrivers script

Scomis Hosted Application Connector – Upgrading / Deploying across your network

In most cases you would be able to deploy the connector across a school by using group policy with the MSI downloadable from http://www.scomis.org/go/hosted

The MSI should remove existing versions of the software but if you don’t find that works you can use this script instead:

The script can be run manually or temporarily deployed through group policy as a machine startup script.

Scomis takes no responsibility for the use of actions of this script, please thoroughly test against in your school before deploying to any number of computers or a whole school.


The script above now chains the Screwdrivers script so if you put the two scripts and MSI’s into the same folder you can deploy/upgrade both the Scomis connector and Screwdrivers printing client in one action.

Reviewed 23/04/2020

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