What is CentraStage?

CentraStage is the platform that powers the Scomis Remote Support Service, it consists of a workstation Agent and a centrally managed server.

CentraStage is a remote monitoring management tool designed to simplify IT support. CentraStage will enable Scomis to monitor and manage multiple remote computers over any network, bringing visibility and control via a single web-based management console.

It offers:

  • Secure VNC Remote Takeover
  • Computer Audit and Inventory
  • Computer Monitoring
  • The ability to run upgrades/fixes

The system consists of a Web based management console, a dedicated server to host the service and a client side Agent that is used to manage CentraStage computers.

CentraStage Management Console
CentraStage Management Console

CentraStage is designed as a secure system using 128bit SSL encryption between the Server and Agent as well as the Web based Management Console.

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Reviewed on 12/02/2015

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