Pupil/Student is appearing as Mrs / Mr

If a pupil shows with a title of Mr or Mrs please follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to Focus/Person/Contacts/New
  2. Search for the name of the student that is showing with Mr/Mrs – they will show as Student Contact
  3. Double click to open the record, remove the Title Mrs/Mr and Click Save
  4. From the Associated Students section highlight the Associated Student and delete and Save the record
  5. Tools/Housekeeping/Delete Unlinked Contacts.  Search for the pupil and delete that record. Please note any contact details before deleting. You will need to double check these as they may have got confused with the pupil record.
  6. Now in Pupil/Student details student will show as expected
  7. Add the correct contact to the pupil/student. If the contact does not exist you will need to add them.

Reviewed: 30/07/2020 – AT

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