Autumn Census – Learning Aims not pulling through to the Learning Aims details report

When the DfE added programmes of study to the autumn census, post-16 programmes of study were recorded separately to learning aims, along with an identifier in each learning aims to identify its post-16 programme.  This meant the learning aims could continue to be recorded in the census, even if this programme identifier was missing.  For this year’s autumn census the DfE has moved learning aims so they are recorded directly as part of the pupil’s post-16 programme of study.

This means that where a school has not set the post-16 programme of study for a pupil that pupil’s learning aims cannot be included in the census.  Hence, if no pupils’ post-16 programmes of study have been set, no learning will be included in the census and the learning aims detail reports will reflect this by reporting no learning aims.

The solution to ‘no learning aims reported in the learning aims details report’ is to set post-16 programmes of study via menu route Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Post-16 Programme of Study and then re-run Create and Validation in the census application.

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