Server & Network Team – Logging faulty Dell server hardware

A quick guide to logging a fault with the Dell kit we have in the comms room:

1. Identify server chassis express service code or service tag number (sticker on front of server)

2. Pick up/the phone and dial – the following number is for Dell Pro Support and should be used for servers only – choose Option 3 for Servers then Option 1 for PowerEdge… then hold!

0844 444 3844

3. They should then deal with your call and arrange for parts to be sent out – cutoff time for next day warranty seems to vary – can be as early as 14.15.  Note the reference number given.

4. You may need to give details of the fault and let them remote in to take a look…. Dell Open Manage Server Administrator is the first place to look – log in to the server and open up a broswer.  Go to with local Administrator pwd if required, this will show you health of server and detailed log (they may want export of these emailed to them), also serial/part numbers all found here.

The following is the general number for Dell Hardware – 0844 3381200 – if no luck with the first, try this!  Either enter the express service code (via the keypad – all numbers) or Press 2 to speak to a human and give service tag number.

Handy Tip: To convert Service Tag to Express Service Code that can be entered via phone keypad, use this Dell converter.

Our warranty was originally 3yr Onsite Next Business Day but this has been extended by up to 2yrs in some cases – all 1955 blade servers and rack servers are covered – 1855 blades are not.  There is a black folder in the comms room with the warranty status/service tags.  In some cases they will send the parts (RAM/PSU/HDD) for us to fit and for motherboards and suchlike they will send an engineer.


reviewed 09/03/2018

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