Points not calculating in Edit PI or appearing on the Candidate Statement of Results

Please do the following

  1. Make sure the qualification is added into Tools / Examinations / Manage Performance Indicator
  2. Check that the points values are correct.
  3. Check that the Size Equivalence column is updated correctly (if the size equivalence is 0 the calculation will not calculate the point value).
  4. Run the CKD or CRD routine to recalculate in Tools / Examinations / Edit PI to update the points.

Please Note:

In order for points to be calculated the qualification must:

  1. be regulated by Ofqual
  2. be approved for the relevant age range, under Section 96 of the Learning and Skills Act 2000 (hereafter referred to as Section 96)
  3. be approved by the department for inclusion in performance tables


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