Generating a list of provisioned users for SIMS Learning Gateway

To create a simple report to generate a list of Usernames and passwords for SIMS Learning Gateway:

  1. Reports | Design Report | Create a new report
  2. Click on Contact, click next
  3. Click on the + Contact Information, select Addressee, AddressBlock of the home address [AddressBlock], Salutation
  4. Double click on the Students subreport, click on + Registration and select Year group of the student [Year]
  5. Click on Students and then click on the red book on the right hand side
  6. Click New to add a filter, expand Student, expand Registration, click on Year group and then tick the Prompt at runtime tick box
  7. Click OK
  8. Click on the Salutation [The Contact’s Salutation]
  9. Double click on AD Provisioning subreport and chose User Logon Name and Initial Password
  10. Click Next, next, next and then next
  11. When selecting the report output, make sure that the  Form Report (RTF) is enabled with a Standard Landscape template selected.
  12. Give the report a title and then click Finish
  13. Click Save my report
  14. Give the report a name and take the tick out of the private tick box
  15. Click OK
  16. Click close
  17. Click yes

You will now be able to run the report and filter on the year group.

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