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Scomis Backup Utility – SIMS DB Expected backup file not found

SIMS Database failing to backup and the following shows in the log file:

12-11-2016 10:47:47 Starting backup of database: sims
UAC OS Detected
Backing Up database using DBAttach Method
Exception attempting to create backup.
Expected backup file not found. Backup not completed.

To resolve this you will need to recreate the backup entry in the Scomis backup utility.

  1. Open the Scomis Backup Utility from the start menu.
  2. Select the SIMS entry (names can differ) and click Delete
  3. Next click Add Backup
  4. Select OTHER (not sims) and click next
  5. Manually fill in the fields correctly and use Windows Integrated Security if you are logged in as Administrator otherwise obtain the SA password for the schools SQL server and tick Use system administrator user name and password.
  6. Click Next and Enter a name (SIMS SQL Backup) and Save.
  7. Run the schedule again and the backup should complete.

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