SIMS Service Manager

SIMS Services Manager (SSM) is a new product that manages the link between SIMS and cloud-based products such as the SIMS Teacher App, Agora and InTouch. It has been designed with the intention that it will replace other, older methods of data exchange (such as using VPNs), and unify them into a single technology. It also enables you to configure options relating to data exchange for various cloud-based products in one place.

To remove the need for schools to install and set up SSM, the SIMS 2014 Autumn Release installs it on the SIMS SQL Server automatically as part of the upgrade.


To check if this Service is running open the Start Menu and in the search type:


select the option from the search results to open the Services window.

Look for the service named SIMS Service Manager and make sure it is Status is “Started”

If it has no Status, Right Click and choose Start. This will enable the service.

Should you get an error please call the Scomis Service Desk.

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