How to change the level of a Course in SIMS

If the course is showing at the wrong level but the year has not yet started, then the school will need to update the levels in Tools / Assign Levels – assigning the right level at year, block and class level and then re-send the timetable.  This will update SIMS.

If the year has already started, then these changes will need to be done manually in SIMS.  The school will need to take the following actions.

1. Update Nova T6 under Tools /Assign Levels so that the following year the level for these classes is correct.

2. In Sims go to Tools / Academic Management / Course Manager and create a new course for the subject at the right level.

  • In Panel 1 change the duration and tolerance settings if necessary.
  • In Panel 2 set the subject and level and mark the course as active.  Tick to Auto Update Class Links and to Auto Update Memberships.
  • In Panel 3 attach a link to the basedata if available (link to basedata is only mandatory for completed learning aims and if not available at the time of creating the course can be attached later).
  • In Panel 4 attach the correct QAN and disount code.
  • In Panel 5 add any additional staff as supervisors who need access to the course marksheets.
  • In Panel 6 attach the classes following this course.
  • Make sure under Tools / Academic Management / Set Academic year, you are in the correct year.
  • Run Update Course Memberships.
  • Save.  Close and re-open the course to check that the memberships are updated.

3. Make the existing course inactive

  • Delete the link to the basedata or put in the appropriate end date if the course has changed levels for this year.
  • Delete the link to the Qan/Discount code or put in the appropriate end date if the course has changed classification for this year.
  • Delete the linked classes for this year. NB if this was correct historically do not delete previous year’s classes.
  • Make sure you are in the correct academic year in Tools / Academic Management / Set Academic Year.
  • Run Update Course Memberships.
  • Go to Panel 2 and remove both Auto update ticks.
  • Save the changes.
  • If you want to view the course you will need to set the View to View All Memberships.
  • The course should now be showing as inactive for the current year with no current classes or memberships.

Reviewed 29/7/20

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