Hosted Connector Gateway Override

From version v5.20 of the Scomis Hosted connector, it is possible for an administrator to set a Gateway Override setting that will force the connection method to always use the specified connection.  This is done by setting a registry key in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry key.

How to set the Gateway override

Administrators will need to use a logon script or group policy preferences to update the following registry key.

HKCU\Software\ScoMIS\SIMS Terminal Server\Settings\OverrideGateway (REG_SZ)

Possible Values

  • GatewayDNSDefault   (
  • GatewayDNSPreferred  (
  • GatewayDNSFailover   (

To prevent the Scomis connector using the OverrideGateway setting, the registry key will need to be removed or replaced with a blank value.


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